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Meta International will be soon represented in the USA, the UK, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

Founded by a co-creator of NLP, Frank Pucelik, Meta International connects NLP organizations to cooperate for the benefit of our community. We promote the social application of NLP to improve education, rehabilitation programs, businesses and relationships worldwide.

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Самит Испания Calendar of events

NLP Leadership Summit, Spain (January 8-10, 2016)

NLP Leadership Summit Members are invited to attend the NLP Colloquium taking place in Alicante, Spain for associating, collaborating, assimilating and communicating with the leaders of NLP.

Design and Intention

  • The plan is to call top NLP Leaders together for a 3-day Colloquium wherein we get acquainted, associate with one another,… Read More
Book question. 3D modeling and rendering Developing

Decision Making

Why is this calibration/strategy important?

Decision Making is one of the 6 primary calibrations Practitioners learn in the first day of their NLP training from Frank Pucelik. It is also the one that stands out from the rest of them.

Many new NLP learners are so overwhelmed by the amount of information… Read More

kids News

NLP4Kids. The kids, the well-being, the future.

Ok, so you’re mastering or have mastered NLP pretty well. You know when and how to make that picture black and white, when to bring out that positive anchor, how to look at a situation from a different person’s perspective and a bunch of other cool tricks you learned at… Read More

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NLP in real life

“Understanding is by no means a prerequisite for effective action in the world.”

– John Grinder

Meta International is looking for organizations, projects and people who apply NLP in real life outside of training venues. If you organize, participate or know of similar projects, please tell us about them. We will contact you and make sure the NLP world knows about these accomplishments.

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Meta International
supports the development of social projects.


Mission: Assisting Ukraine’s orphans to transition from orphanage to adulthood with both hope and help.

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Emphasis on the study of all essential life skills and positive, to create balance and psychological development of self-esteem.

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Addiction Treatment.
Drug rehabilitation center.

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The founder of Meta International

Frank Pucelik, co-founder of NLP, coach and business trainer of international renown. Frank built his career in psychotherapy, having intensively studied and been certified in over 13 different kinds of therapies. He has studied and practiced Milton Erickson’s techniques with the original Meta team in 1975. He worked with Virginia Satir, who is considered the best family therapist in recent history. Frank authored and designed the Dissociated States Therapy, a model that allows to get to the essence of the client's identity and facilitates the way to personal perfection. Frank has also designed and led one of the most successful treatment programs for young drug addicts in America, and now supervises 5 programs in Ukraine and Russia.

Meta International will select one question a month from our readers to ask Frank to share his knowledge, experience and wisdom in a short video.

Frank Pucelik founder of Meta International

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