NLP Leadership Summit, Spain (January 8-10, 2016)

Lilia Moskalchuk - 18.12.2015
Самит Испания

NLP Leadership Summit Members are invited to attend the NLP Colloquium taking place in Alicante, Spain for associating, collaborating, assimilating and communicating with the leaders of NLP.

Design and Intention

Decision Making

Rimma Tertytska - 12.01.2015
Book question. 3D modeling and rendering

Why is this calibration/strategy important?

Decision Making is one of the 6 primary calibrations Practitioners learn in the first day of their NLP training from Frank Pucelik. It is also the one that stands out from the rest of them.

Many new NLP learners are so overwhelmed by the amount of information… Read More

NLP4Kids. The kids, the well-being, the future.

Lilia Moskalchuk - 23.12.2014

Ok, so you’re mastering or have mastered NLP pretty well. You know when and how to make that picture black and white, when to bring out that positive anchor, how to look at a situation from a different person’s perspective and a bunch of other cool tricks you learned at… Read More

Magic of Fritz Perls demystified. Part Two.

Lilia Moskalchuk - 15.12.2014


Fritz Perls was a kinesthetic representator. He didn’t consciously know what he was observing. He had feelings that told him what to do next. How did he develop those feelings? Over years and years and years of experience of trial and error.

His psychotherapeutic approach was the following: he believed all… Read More

Magic of Fritz Perls demystified. Part One.

Lilia Moskalchuk - 05.12.2014

The Magic.

Frtiz Perls was magic. About 25% of the time. The other 75% of the time he was horrible. But that was easy for him, because he said that in front of him was a resistant client.

A client comes to see Fritz, an impossible client, nobody can work with her…. Read More

Understanding NLP

Lilia Moskalchuk - 24.11.2014

If you ever figure out what NLP is, it isn’t anything.

It’s not a model, it’s not a psychotherapy, it’s not a form of personality theory. It’s a meta-model. It tells you how to understand how other people do things. You can use it to understand Gestalt. But unlike Gestalt, you… Read More

Applying the Meta Model in drug rehabilitation centers.

Lilia Moskalchuk - 25.10.2014
Meta Model in drug rehabilitation centers

Sobriety is only the first little step to rehabilitation. It’s everything after that determines the success of an individual within the program.

After a drug addict is sober and the past is cleaned out, they start building a new human with the help of all of the NLP techniques… Read More

The 3 step rule

Rimma Tertytska - 30.08.2014

The 3 Step Rule

The 3 step rule is a method of correcting, adjusting, or controlling behavior in programs or businesses where strong measures are necessary for different, but important reasons.  Their general usage is in (1) treatment programs for substance abuse or other addictive behaviors, (2) in organizations in crisis,… Read More

Welcome to Meta International!

Rimma Tertytska - 30.08.2014
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Meta International is a worldwide association designed to bring together all of NLP organizations under one strong, beneficial and highly organized structure to give YOU the opportunity to find out about NLP accomplishments from specialist all over the world in every country regardless of language.

Initiated by a co-founder of NLP… Read More

The many ways of the unconscious

Rimma Tertytska - 20.08.2014

Frank Pucelik, a fervent fan of Milton Erickson, has studied the great hypnotist for many years. Milton believed the unconscious is the most powerful way to influence and change a client. Hence his “Teaching tales” incorporating multi level metaphors.

Frank too influences the unconscious on every level and any opportunity he… Read More