Applying the Meta Model in drug rehabilitation centers.

Written by Lilia Moskalchuk - 25.10.2014
Meta Model in drug rehabilitation centers

Sobriety is only the first little step to rehabilitation. It’s everything after that determines the success of an individual within the program.

After a drug addict is sober and the past is cleaned out, they start building a new human with the help of all of the NLP techniques at hand carefully provided and overseen by qualified counselors*. The Meta Model is of course one of the primary tools.

As in therapy and coaching, a vital sign of improvement for a counselor is the change in the drug addict’s language. Introduced to them in group and one-to-one counseling sessions, the people in rehabilitation never find out the fancy names of all the violations, but learn to speak without them in the process. Constantly being challenged for Who? When? Where? How exactly? and the like, prompted by the counselors as in example –

No, you didn’t see disrespectful, what behavior did you see?

With time the people in treatment learn that ambiguous accusations will not go by unnoticed and learn to answer specifically.

I saw Igor walking around my room in his shoes and I’m curious, whether it meant disrespect or not.

When you hear people ask and answer those questions you know that’s how they’ll be talking to their kids, their wives or husbands, their bosses. That’s when you know you’ve changed something.

Before one graduates from the program, the supervisors make sure that the newly built person will go out into the world with new ecological values, beliefs, strategies and behaviors to not just carry on, but create a new, better life for themselves and everyone that surrounds them. That’s NLP in real life.


*Article based on the program of a treatment center that is built on the principles of NLP in Odessa, Ukraine. To find out more about centers like this write us at or go to (website in Russian only)

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