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Written by Lilia Moskalchuk - 23.12.2014

Ok, so you’re mastering or have mastered NLP pretty well. You know when and how to make that picture black and white, when to bring out that positive anchor, how to look at a situation from a different person’s perspective and a bunch of other cool tricks you learned at your courses. All done?

Not even close. You’ve taken care of yourself. But didn’t they teach you second position? Look around, your children are growing up with relatively the same problems you might have had not long ago… self-esteem, confidence, decision making, even if it is about which toy do I take to school with me today.

But the beauty of our times is that NLP can be taught to children too, so that 20 years from now they have plenty of accumulated experience of dealing with different situations, they have the skills, the resources and the readiness to build the kind of future they want. That’s exactly what Gemma Bailey and NLP4Kids set out to do. Teach our children now so they can be more effective starting when they are, say, 5.



Located on the high street of Hemel Hempstead (42 km (26mi) north of London), UK, NLP4Kids goes back to 2007, when two English women, Gemma Bailey (nursery nurse at the time) and Kay Gill, looked through their NLP material and asked themselves a simple question – could this work for kids? And if so, what are the changes that need to be made to adapt it to our successors?

A few months and a couple dozen clunky words later, Gemma discovered a high demand from parents, schools, social services and charities, and decided to go down this road in full gear (Kay was soon to be entirely absorbed by her own family).

What it’s like.

Here are a few facts.

*Kids are a lot more open minded than adults.* They have imagination and like to use it.* Kids like to feel well (as opposed to many adults that like to attract attention by suffering).*Kids are a lot more accepting of suggestions you give them.*

Challenges? Sure. Keeping them on the same topic for more than 5 minutes, chewing down abstract ideas, coming up with metaphors on the spot. Didn’t sort out your nominalizations during the Practitioner? Children will help you sort them out.

The business side.

The great thing about NLP4Kids is that teaching kids NLP is only a part of the work they are involved in. Another big part is teaching adults to set up a business out of teaching kids NLP. The idea being the more teachers out there, the more kids grow up mentally stronger and healthier.

To become a licensee with NLP4kids you go through meticulous screening that involves interviews, background checks, basic NLP knowledge test and various checks for ecology in intentions. Don’t think you’re not being observed while you do the 4 day training course  that is designed to give you all the information, tools and techniques you will need to work with kids in groups and one-to-one, set up your website, do the marketing, establishing relationships with the schools, etc. etc. Plus weekly follow ups on progress and counseling after the course.  All of this to make sure you are a business minded person who is successfully making a difference in the world.

Getting involved.

In 15+ years’ time our children will be building the world we live in. And the quality of our future depends on the quality of education and upbringing of our children today. If you’re already influencing one or more leaders of tomorrow, make sure your influence is positive, ecological and will bring about the changes you want to see in the world.

The future, the children, the personal and professional fulfilment. What else are you looking for?

To find about more about the programs for kids/schools/communities or licensing programs provided by NLP4Kids please write




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