The many ways of the unconscious

Written by Rimma Tertytska - 20.08.2014

Frank Pucelik, a fervent fan of Milton Erickson, has studied the great hypnotist for many years. Milton believed the unconscious is the most powerful way to influence and change a client. Hence his “Teaching tales” incorporating multi level metaphors.

Frank too influences the unconscious on every level and any opportunity he gets. Pay attention to him during trainings when the interpreter is busy catching up with him, when the participants are looking away, when their attention is focused on the screen. What is he doing in the mean time?

How does it work?!

  1. Frank sets an ecological win-win goal for the participant to understand something, to change a belief, to learn something new. He starts his speech on this topic.
  2. When the participant looks away during the speech (the unconscious is influenced most when the conscious is busy with something else), Frank looks directly at him and gives him a little nod, so to say “yeah, you’re getting there, you understand”. And then the second time and the third.
  3. After a few nods he witnesses the miracle of all miracles – the Aha! expression on a person’s face, a calibration changed and voilà. The unconscious has accepted this new piece of information and began to process it. Soon a belief is to be changed, a person’s life will become better.
  4. And the last stroke of the master – one more nod to the participant but this one to celebrate the change, a nod to say “You got it, good job!”

Change people’s experience around you for the better and remember…

The unconscious is most affected when the person is not paying attention to you. – Frank Pucelik.


Ever studied or worked with the unconscious?! Tell us of the most powerful and eye-opening experiences you’ve had below!




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