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Written by Rimma Tertytska - 30.08.2014
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Meta International is a worldwide association designed to bring together all of NLP organizations under one strong, beneficial and highly organized structure to give YOU the opportunity to find out about NLP accomplishments from specialist all over the world in every country regardless of language.

Initiated by a co-founder of NLP Frank Pucelik, Meta International is a new association that has grown out of an organization that’s existed since 1971. “META International Inc.” is what NLP was called back then.

Meta International invites individuals and organizations around the world to join as equal partners, forming a union of cooperation through recognition and respect of standards, certification guidelines and organizational intentions of each member by all other members of the union.

Meta International gives members the opportunity to:

  • Get resources for, advice and promotion of NLP projects you are involved in.
  • To promote yourself on international market.
  • To announce upcoming trainings, social events and conferences on the calendar of events of Meta International.
  • Build international image through articles, projects, accomplishments and case histories.
  • Learn of projects accomplished by NLP people around the world.
  • Internationally certify participants of trainings with a unique seal.
  • Find partners from the NLP world.
  • Be on the Trainer’s reference list.
  • Introduce new certified trainers to local and world markets.
  • Organize international ‘topic specific’ conferences

We are inviting you to join us immediately by subscribing and following our Meta Insights blog.

There are lots of NLP people around the world that are using NLP in highly valuable social settings that most of us don’t even know about. Treatment programs for young drug addicts and alcoholics, school systems with teachers being trained in NLP which is greatly influencing the quality of education, business systems to name a few.

We collect and provide access to all of that information. You can get involved with an existing project or start your own by requesting expertise and learning from people who have accumulated experience over the years.

You have an opportunity to help the world to increase the skills and knowledge, increase the quality of life of our communities and all the people that we, NLPers, influence, work with and train.

It is time for us to come together. Join us. Become involved.

By following Meta Insights you are making a statement that you want to learn, develop and represent NLP to the world with strength and honor.

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